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Collection: Women's Sandals

When it comes to women's summer shoe models, the sandal for women is a genuine timeless classic. The reasons are quite obvious, since the cleavage model manages to combine the simplicity of a simple form, which is essential in terms of elegance, but at the same time lends itself to multiple stylistic solutions. A congenial option for elegant occasions whereby the women summer sandal is combined alongside a round point and the label is always welcome and required.

It is no coincidence that the high-heeled sandal model has been associated over time with the characteristics of an elegant dress. The secret of the success of this shoe, which is well appreciated within the Loriblu line, is based on its refined, distinct and austere essential shape


At the base of every elegant criterion, the comfortable heeled sandal, adopt heels and every type of decoration necessary for this particular model of shoes. Each shoe must have its own characteristics.

We are therefore talking about necklines, cuts of various styles without neglecting the appropriate materials to achieve the purpose required for a specific model of shoe.

The reason why your foot must be perfectly wrapped by an elegant flat sandal is quite clear to everyone: elegance and simplicity. With the Loriblu line, we aim directly at a design with a unique shape and characteristics starting from the materials used, which are always of the highest quality. The process of making such a womens designer sandals is in fact primary to its success. Toecap and foot pad for a design that's not afraid to dare! This has resulted in a perfect combination of style and glamour in order to obtain that sophisticated feminine charm that leaves a lasting impression.