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Collection: Pumps & Slingback

The height of the heel and the sole gives it momentum and makes the shape of your foot elegant and slender for your outfit. the variety of models available in the loriblu collection combines character, passion and femininity. particularly suitable for the current season, the Slingback heels models differ more due to the color block design, prerogative of the new loriblu line and can be embroidered with its strap weaves that are unusual but which make this line so distinctive. these one-of-a-kind details about the Elegant designer pump shoes make it the perfect choice For special occasions, worn to give more elegance and momentum to your figure. what makes this type of pump heel shoes ideal for ladies is a preference for High quality materials that is always required in a refined combination of colors, yet at the same time is suitable for a wide range of dresses, able to confer with the right approach a mix of originality and freshness also evident in the Comfortable ladies pump shoes with thongs which is the leitmotiv of this spring-summer season. ideal for the summer the Slingback is a type of woman's footwear with a strap that crosses behind the heel or ankle. the slingback pumps are able to give extreme comfort while keeping the design fashionable and suitable for elegant events.

Applications and finishing are naturally required when it comes to a design wedge sandal like this one by loriblu; it is precisely in the versatility of the heel, as well as in the exquisite features of a strap with a deliberately essential design, which at the same time perfectly wraps the foot. this is where the stylistic flair and the ability to embellish this specific line of sandals lie. so it's time to follow your instincts and make the perfect choice. for this reason, when it comes to high-heeled shoes and sandals, we need to make a selection from a brand with an absolute taste and aesthetic quality.