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Collection: Oxfords | Derby Men

Loriblu world is a universe of style that emanates from its creations.

The collections of Mens lace up shoes testify how the skilful mix of made in italy materials and the italian fashion design come together in a unique balance that can create artworks in men's footwear field. these perfect dress shoes express a certain refinement and sophistication: like the Oxford shoes model (also called francesina), characterized by aclosed lace interrupted by a seam and suitable for more formal contexts. it is impossible to go unnoticed with a pair of oxford shoes on your feet. the Men's derby shoes model is more informal and it offers a touch of charm to your style making it casual, but classy. unlike the oxford model, the derby has an open lace and is perfect to impress with every outfit.

When the lace-up shoes have a perforated pattern on the upper, they are called brogue, a style detail that loriblu reinterprets for the contemporary gentleman with bold colors and contrasts of finely selected and combined materials. loriblu rivisits all its models in a contemporary, present tone: the man who chooses a designer lace-up model of the brand finds in its footwear the perfect ally for finesse and comfort. today vanity is not just for women, because everyone admires refined details. the same details that carefully embellish the blue or black man lace-ups with english or smooth stitching: creations that commit to an elegant and refined style, the company's unique trademark.

From the sole to the upper to the laces, each raw material is designed to create harmony and to give to those who wear a lace-up model a look suitable for any occasion: loriblu offers the perfect symbiosis between taste and practicality for your day-to-night outfit. dare and play with the contrasts of colors for the more sporty lace-ups or indulge in the timeless luxury of the lace-ups for men in leather and carbon fiber in your formal wear. the keyword is "fascinate", and with the loriblu lace-ups for men, you’ll show charm and audacity from head to toe.